Need orthodontic treatment in St. Louis? Check out Embrace Our World Orthodontics’ 10 reasons on why Invisalign or Invisalign Teen may be right for you!

10 Reasons to Get Invisalign

10 Reasons to Get Invisalign
Posted on 11/16/2018
Invisalign OptionsHere at Embrace Our World Orthodontics, we know that traditional braces aren’t for everyone. That’s why we’re proud to offer Invisalign and Invisalign Teen to our patients. If you live in the St. Louis area and are in need of orthodontic care, check out our list 10 benefits Invisalign can provide for you.

1. Improved Speech & Pronunciation

The positioning of your teeth heavily impacts your ability to pronounce and manner of pronouncing words. If you are in an industry that relies heavily on your speaking (or singing) voice, adjusting the position of your teeth can have a huge impact on both your phonetics and confidence.

2. Avoid Food Impaction

“Food impaction” occurs when foods get easily stuck between teeth due to ill-fitting teeth. If your teeth are not aligned tightly and properly, this is likely to happen during every meal and pieces of food will remain wedged until flossed out. You are more likely to have festering bacteria in hard to reach places if your teeth are not adjusted to a proper position.

3. Digestion

On the subject of mealtime, your mouth is where the process of digesting your food begins. When you chew poorly due to an improper bite, it negatively impacts the rest of the digestion process from that point onward. Your body ends up absorbing fewer nutrients from the food you consume when the chewing process is off.

4. Bite Improvement

Improving your bite will not only improve your digestion process, but it is also a fundamental part of alleviating any pain associated your mouth and its positioning. The ramifications of an improper bite are felt throughout your body in different ways. Fixing your bite can also help boost self-esteem when you feel better about your smile.

5. Jaw Position

Your jaw functions similarly to a hinge, and ideally you want to be able to open and close your mouth as smoothly as possible. Misaligned teeth will negatively impact your jaw position over time and potentially cause pain. Addressing the position of your teeth can reduce or even eliminate popping and clicking as you use your mouth and reduce the likelihood of other complications.

H2 6. Alleviate Facial, Jaw, & Neck Pain

These pains are often caused by grinding and improper alignment of teeth when you use your jaw. Using Invisalign to adjust your teeth alignment to a more beneficial position can reduce pain felt throughout your face, jaw, and neck. Invisalign aligners also help deprogram your face muscles that drive grinding over the course of your treatment.

7. Better Overall Oral Health

Everything from gum positioning to bone architecture in your face is impacted by the position of your teeth. Realigning your teeth properly will adjust the bone supporting your teeth, leading not only to a straighter smile but also fewer overall oral health difficulties over time.

8. Discretion

If you or a family member is concerned about having brackets in your mouth for a few years, Invisalign may be the perfect alternative. The aligners are clear and barely noticeable in most cases. Additionally, they can be removed entirely when you’re eating or would like to remove them for visual effect.

9. Long-Lasting Protective Gear

The aligners you acquire through the Invisalign treatment process can prove to be tremendously useful in a variety of ways after your adjustment period has ended. Whether you’d like to protect your teeth from grinding or accidents during athletic activity, your Invisalign aligners will last well beyond your treatment and can be adapted for other functions.

10. Simpler Dental Cleanings

After completing your treatment, your newly properly-aligned teeth will be considerably easier to clean. This means that both your independent oral hygiene routine and your visits to a dentist will be more effective and shorter!

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