Summer Treats You Can Eat With Braces

Summer Treats You Can Eat With Braces
Posted on 07/09/2020
Orthodontic Treats

Summer is the time for tasty cold treats that keep us hydrated and cool us down in the heat! From yummy frozen yogurt to all the flavors of popsicles, there truly is nothing better than summer treats. If you or your child is new to wearing braces, it’s possible that you are seeking foods that are healthy but still delicious. As your #1 provider of St Louis braces, Embrace Our World Orthodontics is more than happy to supply the following braces-friendly foods to some of our favorite summer snacks.



Popsicles are a tasty way to chill out. However, keep in mind that they usually contain syrupy-sweetness that can damage your teeth. Attempt to create your own DIY fruit pops that don’t include any of the added sugars or colors found in a majority of popsicles. Start by choosing your fruits, puree, and pour into ice-pop molds, then pop in the freezer. Feel free to custom make your flavors, and an add braces-friendly toppings to make it even tastier! 



While ice cream is one of the best desserts around, it is also detrimental to your teeth if you consume it too often. Maintain your sugar intake as much as possible to prevent tooth decay and cavities, which is the last thing you want while wearing braces. Give frozen yogurt a try as a more healthy option in comparison to the creamy ice cream we all love. Froyo contains calcium, probiotics, and vitamins & minerals that will assist in keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Try to remember that some yogurts have high sugar content, so make sure to choose those that have low sugar counts, and then add in your favorite toppings like nuts, berries, granola, and other healthy options.



Did you know that watermelon is 92% water? It’s also jam-packed with vitamin C and is awesome on warm days when you’re in need of an extra boost of hydration. Additionally, eating watermelon helps to activate your salivary flow, which assists in maintaining your teeth and gums free of bacteria and harmful acids. Make sure to choose watermelon as a healthy snack this summer, it’s good for your oral health!.


Iced Fruit

Many of us are familiar with throwing our favorite treats in the freezer to serve as a cold drink. Rather than eating a solid, sugar-filled sweet treat, attempt chewing on frozen fruit like berries or bananas. Many of the fruits that are in season this summer include blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Keep in mind that all of these fruits contain healthful antioxidants, and tons of vitamins, and aid in keeping you hydrated. You can even dip your fruit in melted dark chocolate before freezing for a decadent dessert. 


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