Dangers of Mail Order Clear Aligners

Dangers of Mail Order Clear Aligners
Posted on 12/01/2020

You've probably seen advertisements for appliances that supposedly provide the same results as Invisalign or traditional braces, for a fraction of the cost. This seems too good to be true? That's probably because it is. The bottom line is, aligning teeth is a medical procedure, and should be overseen by a medical professional from the very first consultation to the day that braces or aligners come off for the last time. Here are three reasons to think twice about mail order aligners.

A Bad First Impression

If you get clear orthodontic aligners from your doctor, you can expect them to take an impression of your teeth, which is used to mold the aligners you will wear. The impression of your teeth, and the fit of the aligners requires very careful customization. Sometimes even a 3D scan of your mouth is used to get the mold just right. This is impossible to achieve with mail order aligners, because you have to make the impression of your teeth by yourself, and send it away to get "approved" by someone who cannot see you in person. There is a lot of room for mistakes in this oversimplified version of the process.

No Medical Assessment or Oversight

Because the treatment plan for your mail order braces is created remotely, it relies on you to self-report anything that might complicate your treatment. This is impossible without a medical professional to consult you and diagnose any issues before you get started. In addition, there is nobody to assess whether your needs are changing during treatment, and to make sure your aligners don't need replacement or adjustment.

Results that Don't Stick

Even though the aligners are cheap, they might actually waste your money. When you get mail order aligners, the impression of your teeth has to be approved, because the aligners only work on slightly crooked teeth and are not comprehensive or qualified enough to treat more serious orthodontic problems. But even if your teeth seem only slightly crooked, it might be for a more complicated reason, for example your jaw might need to be widened to achieve lasting results, which simple aligners just cannot do. Because you are not assessed in person for mail order aligners, these issues cannot be discovered until after you have worn the aligners and found out that they were a waste of time.

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