Lottery Program

Actual patient of Embrace Our World Orthodontics

Our patients can participate in the lottery and have a chance to win some great prizes, just by following each of the six (6) simple rules below:

  1. No missed appointments since your last regular visit.
  2. No loose bands or brackets since your last regular scheduled appointment.
  3. No broken appliances or broken wires between your scheduled appointments.
  4. Teeth must be clean, and gums must be in healthy condition.
  5. All appliances and rubber bands must be worn as prescribed by Dr. Gary Shanker, Dr. Jonathan Shanker and Dr. Brian Schlueter.

You MUST bring your appointment lottery ticket to each appointment and have the CHAIRSIDE ASSISTANT stamp the ticket. The CHAIRSIDE ASSISTANT that works on you will determine IF you get a stamp. Please give it to her as she seats you!

We will give you a DOUBLE STAMP if you are wearing your Embrace Our World T-shirt, and ONLY if it is NOT under other clothes, and it can be seen if you remove your coat.

Also, to make the lottery fair for each and every patient, we can only stamp tickets every 5-6 weeks and will be unable to make any exceptions to the above rules.

You are responsible for your tickets. We DO NOT keep track of your points.

DOUBLE STAMPS can be earned for appointment times from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR.

  • Black – 1 point
  • Red – 2 points
  • Purple – 4 points