3D Scanner


What is the iTero Scanner? 

The iTero Scanner is an exciting advancement for taking impressions for Invisalign aligners. Gone are the days of taking impressions of your mouth with the gooey materials that make you gag. Now, the iTero Scanner uses a laser and optical scanning to digitally capture a 3D image of the shape and surfaces of your teeth. This digital model provides a more accurate representation of your mouth for the customization of Invisalign aligners and is a much better alternative to traditional impressions.

How the iTero Scanner Works

The scanner is placed in the mouth and captures hundreds of thousands of laser points each second as it is moved to all areas of your mouth. The scanner is safe, reliable, and does not cause any pain or discomfort. 

The Benefits of the iTero Scanner

In addition to not having to suffer through the gagging goo of traditional impressions, the iTero Scanner has other benefits, including producing a digital model of your mouth that you and your St. Louis orthodontist can view immediately, faster turnaround time to get your aligners, and an Invisalign Progress Assessment tool so that your orthodontist can monitor your progress with the Invisalign aligners. 

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